onsdag 13 april 2011

I chose to write this post in english for no other reason than so that Kate could read it. I'm a little ashamed that I totally missed her debut CD that I've been waiting for, which feels like forever now. Even more ashamed that it got released in november, like four months ago that is. But it totally slipped my mind these few couple of months because she's been working on this CD for five years. I didn't expect it to get released without me noticing, but apparently it did. Her medieval/celtic inspired music really got me into the genre and I had a period where I listened to her covers and similar artists like Loreena McKennitt almost all the time. I guess it's because I've always been a huge fan of emotionally composed music, and with Kate's voice and well-made lyrics together with all of the fantastic instruments she's working with really catches that little extra, that touches ones heart.

I first noticed Kate on youtube in 2008 when I found her own composed cover of FF9's Rose of May with her own lyrics and beautiful singing voice. Since then I've been following her, rooting for her and gotten amazed over her breathtaking talents. The fact that she does all of her recording and production from her own studio (and by that I mean her closet) all by herself amaze me even more. Not only did her songs impress me but her skills in video editing too, she got me going with all of her tips of where to find the best rpg AMV's and support to all of us fan-making video geeks. She often talked about her CD and the making of it, I really looked forward to it and now I've finally got it in my possession. My hopes were high and I did not get disappointed for one bit. All of this might seem a bit Deja Vu'ish for some of my followers if they paid attention to one of my posts in september 2010 where I mentioned Kate and her work as a music-tip. I know for a fact that this music will impress most of my female readers, my male readers are more... the other way around when it comes to this kind of genre, I think. But that's not a bad thing. I think I've got more female than male readers anyway so. But to those girly girls out there, and girly boys of course, do not miss this fantastic music and this really talented woman.
Thank you Kate, it was worth waiting for.

Eargasm for the night:
Erutan - Raindancer

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