torsdag 25 februari 2010

"Did you know elephants purr? It's completely scary
if you don't know what it is. They purr like cats, but their
heads are so deep they sound like velociraptors. You feel
it in the ground under your feet. So this big female started
sniffing my foot—big female elephant, that is. She sniffed it
so hard it came up off the pavement like her trunk was a
vacuum cleaner. Then she took my entire body in her mouth.
I was holding on to her head, and as I slowly let go she
tightened her grip really carefully until I'm just upside
down in her mouth and she's going through my pockets
with her trunk, looking for peppermints.
It was the best day of my life."
- Robert Pattinson

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Band Of Skulls - Friends

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